Photography by David Benthal

I am an artist and writer based in Manhattan and in Mattituck on the North Fork of Long Island. The versatility and responsiveness of unstretched canvas allows me to redeploy painting’s traditional components in new ways. My abstract painting practice depends on a kinship of action and introspection. I am free to work from the inside out using a full body engagement. By collecting, cropping, composing and finally sewing together stained sections of canvas each work acquires a unique anatomy.

My compositional explorations open up the expressive possibilities of an interplay of elements derived from the paint’s intrinsic properties with formally structured facets. Guided by the associative power of color, my paint applications gradually accumulate, bonding with the pliable, stitched, unstretched fabric. The finished work acquires an emphatic, yet mutable presence as if the painting might begin to breathe.