MATERIAL TAK, group exhibition at Panepino Galleries, Jersey City, NY including "Parallax Painting," installation by Anne Sherwood Pundyk. 

An inquiry into the tradition of painting begins with the subject of representation. It prompts answers to questions about the techniques and approaches to depicting space, light, inert objects, living matter, flesh, narrative and drama on the painting’s surface. Subsequent questions about a painting’s physical qualities and objective presence highlight the options for abstractions of pure color, composition, texture, gesture and dimension. A painting’s literal qualities – an American postwar pre-occupation – ironically underscore its theatrical staging and bring the audience directly into the line of questioning: Where are you in relation to the painting? If your body is a unit of measure, how big is the painting? In what setting are you experiencing the work? How is it presented? Here the Q and A points in two directions: back to the performance of the painter while producing the work and simultaneously to the stage for the work – the wall of the gallery.  It is at this juncture of the inquiry I place my site-specific installation, “Parallax Painting.”