"RENTED WORLD," Anne Sherwood Pundyk's solo exhibition of paintings, video, lighting, site-specific wall painting and blue gravel, The MAve Hotel  62 Madison Avenue (at 27th Street) New York, NY, December 1, 2012 – February 28, 2013, visible from the street 24/7.

Transitional states, temporary structures and a shifting sense of time and space are the properties of a rented world.  For Pundyk’s RENTED WORLD, three of her large, gestural paintings create a self-supporting triangular prism. A sky blue triangle is hand painted directly on the back wall of the exposed glass hotel salon. On the floor, blue gravel forms a shallow triangle illuminated by raking light. Above the other elements a video montage loops on the ceiling. This flow of images replicates the free association of a changing state of mind, and, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the changing state of our city and of our world. 

This project was generously sponsored by The MAve Hotel (www.themavehotel.com). Project lighting and fixtures provided by Frost/Productions (frostproductions.biz). Printed-Methods provided support for signage and printed promotional materials (Printed-Methods.com.)

Opening Reception, Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 
Featured remarks by Harriet Shugarman, environmental activist and Climate Mama founder.