I am an artist based in Manhattan whose interests focus on the intersection of art and philosophy. I have been writing an artblog since 2008 in conjunction with the writing I do for periodicals and projects. 

A favorite post from 2011 tells about the acquaintance between artist Cy Twombly and my father, Dirck Brown:

"Two Personal Heroes: Edwin Parker "Cy" Twombly(1928-2011) and Dirck Winser Brown (1928-2002)," September 7, 2011. Twombly was born at the Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Lexington in 1928; the same year as my father. Symbolic of the nature of personal exchanges and intersections, my father died in Lexington in December 2002 and is buried in the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. Twombly died this summer in Rome, his adopted city and from all accounts a place he associated with all he held dear. I like to think that now, instead of on the VMI parade grounds, my father and Cy will meet again on the Elysian Fields.